What is a KetWell Inspiration Partner?

We created this program to support patients who inspire us with their stories and have the courage to share their personal struggles and successes with others. Our patients are inspiring artists, leaders, and doers across the country. Our KetWell Inspiration Partners help us inspire and educate communities as they provide helpful advice and act as a resource for patients and loved ones alike.

Through the KetWell Inspiration Program, we give you a platform to be seen and heard with a community of like-minded people, who understand your journey. Whether it’s through a blog, podcast, or song, we want you to share your story and talents with us! Our KetWell Inspiration Program is here to bring people together and help make a difference not only for patients and loved ones, but also for individuals who are seeking treatment.

Our Core Values

Our authenticity goes back to our core values and vision in becoming the gold standard of care and provider of choice in your wellness journey. In each one of our clinic locations, we strive to provide personalized, high-quality care for people suffering from afflictions. When you’re a KetWell Inspiration Partner, you’re an extension of our family. In helping others, we are making a difference together. There is hope. There is help.

The KWC Commitment

Get Well  You’re committed to your health and wellness plan in combination with Ketamine infusion therapy.

Live Well  You’re committed to living your best life personally and professionally.

#Ketwell  You’re ready to make an impact by sharing your voice and connecting with those within your community.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a patient at Ketamine Wellness Centers
  • Be a patient support group member on Facebook
  • Follow us on Instagram @ketaminewellnesscenters


  • An audience to share your Ketamine Wellness Centers journey.
  • Be recognized as a KetWell Inspiration Partner on the KWC website with a photo, blog, and link to share.
  • Be recognized as a KetWell Inspiration Partner on KWC’s social media platform.
  • Earn a complimentary gift for being a KetWell Inspiration Partner



Does this sound like you?

Meet some of the KetWell Inspiration Partners

Read their stories

CRPS Testimonial

Mary Kate – Another Name for Courage

“Over time I was losing hope in physical therapy and the medications were increasingly numbing me,” explains Mary Kate. “By my 21st birthday, the best way I can describe my life is it felt like I had lost my identity, my identity as a sister, daughter, friend. I no longer recognized the 14-year-old Mary Kate who had been so full of life and neither did anyone else around me.”    

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A Helping Hand

This is a second poem that I have written about ketamine therapy and what the experience was like during a maintenance infusion. The therapy continues to help with my depression and anxiety. It also helps to express and process my emotions.  

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Staying Strong with Ketamine Therapy

This is a poem I wrote about ketamine therapy and what the experience is like. The therapy has worked wonders for my depression and anxiety and is even inspiring some prose throughout my journey.

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