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Patient Advice: Making the Most of your Ketamine Treatments

Patient Advice: Making the Most of your Ketamine Treatments

You may be thinking about Ketamine treatments or you have started treatments and you are wondering if you are getting the most out of them. After all, it is a relatively new and costly treatment with different providers offering a wide array of protocols. To help make your treatment a positive experience and obtain the most benefit we asked some of our patients to share some helpful tips.

Be Prepared: “One thing that helped me especially during my stabilization treatments was to be prepared and relaxed on treatment day. I made sure I had my rides arranged and my evenings planned so it did not cause stress.”

Get Comfortable:  “The treatments are long so it is important to be comfortable. I get my pillows and blanket in place and watch something very peaceful on the television. I prefer waterfalls or beach scenes with music. I wouldn’t recommend watching an intense or involved movie that needs concentration, this will allow your mind to wander naturally.”

Stay Positive:  “It is important to start with an open mind and keep a positive attitude. I know that is hard when you are depressed or in pain. Ketamine Wellness Centers has an 80% success rate – believe that it will work for you!”

Relinquish Control: “It’s kind of a freaky feeling but I had to learn not to fight it. Feeling safe with the providers is important and we even worked out a hand signal if I felt the treatment got too strong so they could slow it down. Once I was able to relax and let the Ketamine do all the work I achieved much better results.”

Stay on Track: “I made the mistake of not following the suggested maintenance program. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt so good but I ignored the signs of slipping back into depression and put off a maintenance treatment longer than I should have.”

Make Changes: “The Ketamine allowed me to consider making life changes that I put off for too long. I re-engaged my therapist. I had the energy to start walking again and the motivation to eat healthy. This plus getting off anti-depressants helped me lose 35 pounds!”

If you have any tips or advice for future patients please feel free to share! Of course everyone has a different experience with Ketamine treatments. Feeling confident with your provider is the most important step. We at Ketamine Wellness Centers, Inc. have perfected our protocols over five years and we are the gold standard in Ketamine infusion therapy.  When you are ready, we are here.  There is hope. There is help.  Call today 855-KET-WELL.


Kevin Nicholson is the CEO of Ketamine Wellness Centers, Inc.

Patient Advice: Making the Most of your Ketamine Treatments

Patient Advice: Making the Most of your Ketamine Treatments