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Living with Mental Illness or Chronic Pain

How many of you have heard from family, friends, or significant others, “Well, you look fine to me,” “Stop being so dramatic!” or “Snap out of it! You just need to exercise and eat right, and you’ll be fine.”  It’s true, many people can’t understand the deep and desperate struggles we face on a daily basis. Having to decide if we will be able to complete the simplest tasks becomes daunting and consuming at times. “Do I have the energy to shower today? Or can I even get out of bed? Well, I have a doctor’s appointment, so I guess I’ll forgo the shower and lay in bed until I have to leave.” This is truly confusing to the healthy individual.  They don’t give these simple things a second thought. So how do we help them understand such indescribable physical and mental pain?

Many years ago, I was lamenting to friend of mine (who battles Lyme Disease) about my feelings of isolation and desperation in trying to help people understand my struggle with severe chronic depression.  She told me the story of “The Spoon Theory”. It has stuck with me since and I often use it to help others understand. The author of “The Spoon Theory” is Christine Miserandino.

Learn more about the “The Spoon Theory” on Christine’s blog HERE, and contact Ketamine Wellness Centers at 855-KET-WELL (855-538-9355) if you or someone you know is struggling with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic, or Neuropathic pain.

Terri Kutchera is a Patient Consultant for Ketamine Wellness Centers

Living with Mental Illness or Chronic Pain