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Laugh Yourself Well 

Laugh Yourself Well 

Have you been thinking of trying yoga, but are not sure where to begin? How about jumping into Laughter Yoga and finding a lovely way to access the many benefits that lots of laughter can provide? 

At its core, Laughter Yoga is based on the premise that your body can and knows how to laugh, regardless of what your mind has to say. By following a body-mind approach to laughter, you can learn to allow laughter to heal you in so many ways. You basically fake your laugh until it becomes real. Laughing strengthens your immune functions, oxygenates your body and brain, makes you feel great and it can improve your overall outlook on your day and your life. 

Laughter Yoga promotes the use of breathing activities in between laughter exercises to relax the body and mind. Breathing is the link between your mind and your body. Happy mind, happy body: happy body, happy mind!

  • When you deepen and pace your breath, you calm your body.
  • When you calm your body, you calm your mind. 
  • When your body and mind are relaxed, you start becoming more aware of the present. 
  • Being in the “now” frees you from the pains of your past and the fears of the future.
  • Once you connect to the “now,” you can learn to enjoy the simple art of being. 

Here are some great suggestions to get started!

  • Check out this website: Learn Laughter Yoga
  • Gather some of your closest friends and begin virtual Laughter Yoga meetups! 

For more information on virtual meetups, connect with us by discovering our integrative and holistic meetups to learn more about the program and services we offer at Ketamine Wellness Centers. Stay connected with us today at  855-KET-WELL or email Harmony at for more information.

Harmony Green is the Health & Wellness Coordinator for Ketamine Wellness Centers

Laugh Yourself Well