Delic Announces Pending Acquisition of KWC by Peter/PetraMD - Patients Please Contact Us For More Information

KWC and Delic align in a shared vision

As KWC introduces more clinics with a wider range of services here are the things you need to know.

What is Ketamine Wellness Centers’ (KWC) relationship to Delic Corp?

In October 2021, Delic Corp acquired KWC. The partnership revolves around KWC as the leading recognized experts in ketamine-based treatments for conditions such as major depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain, and Delic’s mission to help make these effective treatments available to more patients. While Delic is the parent company of KWC, KWC operations and patient care continue to be guided and run by its highly experienced leadership team.

As a parent company, how will Delic’s other businesses impact KWC?

Delic’s existing portfolio of businesses will further raise awareness of the growing network of KWC clinics. This integrated communications strategy is designed to amplify the understanding of the benefits of ketamine treatments for various conditions, while also working to remove stigma by engaging in conversations and education around this treatment which is clinically proven to be effective with far fewer side effects than traditional medicines. Delic owns a number of media and event properties now focused on bringing greater education around this new class of medicine, as well as a licensed lab in Canada, driving further research and innovation. 

What is the mission behind KWC and Delic coming together?

KWC and Delic both believe treatments for serious conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health issues should actually treat the underlying disease, not simply manage the symptoms. Commonly-prescribed antidepressants are often expensive with disappointing results and are rarely fast-acting—taking weeks or months before a patient experiences any relief from the debilitating symptoms of depression. They can also cause a range of side effects from nausea, drowsiness, or insomnia to constipation and weight gain. It is safe to say that ketamine is a highly effective treatment that only takes a few sessions to start seeing measurable results, as opposed to a life-long prescription of medications with troubling side effects.

KWC and Delic are aligned in a single mission to get these cost-effective treatments to more people in need by continuing to expand what is already the largest network of IV ketamine clinics in the U.S.

Will this change anything for me as a patient?

No, our relationship with each of our patients will remain the same. As our integrative services expand, the very highest standards of care and your carefully personalized treatment are, and always will be our number one priority.  

KWC and Delic align in a shared vision