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Ketamine Wellness Centers Texas Announces Contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield

Ketamine Wellness Centers DFW, (KWC) the clinical provider for personalized care and high-quality ketamine infusions for individuals suffering from afflictions such as depression, PTSD and chronic pain, has announced this month that it has contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Texas, a not-for-profit independent member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, the largest provider of health benefits in the state, working with nearly 80,000 physicians and health care practitioners, and over 500 hospitals to serve about 6 million members. 

Ketamine Wellness Centers DFW is proud to contract with BCBS of Texas who has over 80 years of commitment and experience with families. As an in-network provider, we can help cover many more patients with mental health conditions and symptoms in receiving timely and cost-effective treatment,” said Kevin Nicholson, CEO and founder of Ketamine Wellness Centers. 

As the leading ketamine therapy provider, KWC is committed to providing insurance and affordable financing options to patients and loved ones. For conditions such as chronic pain, some insurance will cover a portion of the costs associated with ketamine therapy for certain diagnoses. Reimbursement is entirely dependent upon the type of medical insurance plan, in- and out-of-network stipulations, and the nature of the diagnosis. For additional resources and support, KWC’s billing team is able to assist all prospective and current patients with their insurance and reimbursement needs as it pertains to ketamine therapy for pain conditions. For mental health treatments, ketamine therapy for depression is considered an “off-label” use and is not a service typically reimbursed by insurance companies. As such, patients are expected to cover the costs of their treatments. At any time, KWC is happy to provide a superbill to any patients who request one, so that they can submit a claim for reimbursement with their insurance provider. 

KWC’s success is based on more than eight years of being in business and over 20,000 infusions performed. Many clinics have anecdotal success rates, whereas those at Ketamine Wellness Centers are based on the data collected pertaining to the condition being treated. KWC’s clinical program and treatment protocols were developed by Mark Murphy, MD, board certified anesthesiologist, and rounded out within the realm of mental health through the guidance of Ellen Diamond, PhD, a seasoned clinical psychologist.

For more information about the clinical program, costs and insurance, please visit KWC at or contact at 855-KET-WELL.

Ketamine Wellness Centers Texas Announces Contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield