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Ketamine Treatment for Alcoholism

Ketamine Treatment for Alcoholism

April 6, 2017 is National Alcohol Screening Day.

Ask yourself the following questions.  Try to respond honestly.  There is no one who will know this other than you.

  • Has your drinking caused problems at work or school, such as being late or absent?
  • Has your drinking caused legal problems, or increased risk (accidents, traffic violations, health problems)?
  • Do you experience needing to drink more to get the same effect (tolerance)?
  • Do you experience withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating, shakiness and anxiety?
  • Have you given up other activities to allow you to drink?
  • Is alcohol harming yourself and your relationships with other?
  • Do your friends and family express concern about your drinking?
  • Do you think you may have a problem with alcohol?

At Ketamine Wellness Centers, we have part of the solution.  Ketamine infusion therapy has been shown to reduce relapse rates by helping to “break” the associations between environmental triggers and abuse.  Scientists now know Ketamine can disrupt the formation of memories, and believe that this property could be harnessed to over-write the memories that drive addiction and harmful patterns of behavior.

Often, people go to rehab and are able to quit drinking, but find that very challenging to maintain once they return home.  This is a common problem seen with inpatient addiction models.  You don’t live your life in a bubble.  When you return home, the old familiar environmental triggers or “cues” often cause people to return to the alcohol abuse.  Ketamine infusion therapy helps to break that cycle.

Stop hiding your drinking, and supporting a bad habit.  Get back into life!  Feel good about yourself, and break the cycle of use, abuse, guilt and recovery.

If this is a problem in your life, we strongly recommend you seek help from an addiction professional, or your primary care physician, to help you stop drinking.  Once you finish detoxing, call us at Ketamine Wellness Centers for help in sustaining your sobriety.  Get your life back.  Don’t just waste it drinking and recovering.  Regain your joy!

Get help to get sober, and then let Ketamine Wellness Centers assist you in staying sober. Call us today for more information.


Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers.

Ketamine Treatment for Alcoholism

Ketamine Treatment for Alcoholism