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Keeping Hope Alive

For many people who have struggled with years and years of depression, pain and anxiety, it is hard to keep having hope. If you’ve been on every medication, tried every form of available therapy, and not seen relief, it is easy to think about giving up. After all, how many times do you set yourself up and hope this new treatment would work, only to suffer disappointment when you are left feeling the same way.

The answer? You do it as many times as you need to, although that is easier said than done. How do you keep getting back up? How do you keep trying and seeking a solution to your problem? How do you keep up hope when failure seems to always be at your door.

Here are a few suggestions:

Get a different point of view. If you can, get out of your usual surroundings. Go somewhere peaceful. Notice the environment around you. Are there birds or insects making noises? Is there a breeze rustling through the leaves? Can you hear sounds that are usually drowned out in your daily life? Spending time noticing and appreciating the world around you can help. Work at being present in the moment, as opposed to withdrawing in your head.

Get a pet, or volunteer at a pet shelter. The benefits of having a pet are well documented. Petting a dog or cat, or even watching fish, is known to reduce blood pressure and anxiety. Watching animals play can be positively distracting and bring a smile to your face. In addition, having a dog pushes you to get out and walk at least a few times daily. The benefit? You meet people and get some exercise.

Find something to “join”. There are many opportunities to become part of something. Whether it is a volunteer position, participating in church or religious activities, joining a gym or other “club”, having some specific time and place to be and do helps give you support for both gratitude and sense of purpose.

Move! Either go out, or just put on some music and move (dance) as if no one is watching. Just the activity of moving increases your blood flow to your brain and can improve your mood. If you want to be “unstuck” mentally, get “unstuck” physically! Have some fun with it!

Still struggling? Call the professionals at Ketamine Wellness Centers. Our customized infusion therapy can get your brain “moving better” in a matter of days. We have the expertise to provide the gold standard of Ketamine therapy, and our multidisciplinary approach can help you maintain your benefits. Call us today and keep hope alive!

Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers.

Keeping Hope Alive