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Find Out if Ketamine Therapy is Right For You

Mary C.

I’ve had RSD for over 15 yrs. I was ready to check out. Pain pills no longer helped and to find a Doctor who really cared was a joke. I told my husband I just couldn’t do this anymore. Well as I was bed ridden my husband had found Ketamine Wellness Centers. I was in …

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Crystal D.

What a wonderful, attentive staff that CARES an incredible amount about their patients. They easily coordinated dosages with my pain manager and psychiatrist in Washington DC. They were able to see me in two weeks; whereas, I’m on a 7 month waiting list in DC. If you need this treatment, you should consider this place. …

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Jacquelyn P.

Before Ketamine, I felt like a 30-year old trapped in the body of an 80-year old and life consisted of endless doctors with no real glimmer of hope. Within just a few treatments every single aspect of my existence improved for the better- Ketamine Wellness Centers saved my life!

Craig C.

I have been struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Bipolar Depression since the age of five. After twenty years of intensive treatment programs and prescription medication regimens, I was able to only improve to a certain level. A level that still held me in a dark place, riddled with obsessions, intrusive thoughts and long bouts …

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Stacie A.

Like so many others, I have dealt with chronic major depression for the past 15 years…tried nearly every medication and therapy modality under the sun. I still went through life-just waiting for each day to become night again. A friend told me about the use of ketamine for chronic depression. My father ( a doctor) …

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Phoenix, AZ Patient

I can’t tell you how amazing the Ketamine Wellness Center is, there are no words. From the moment I had my first phone call to the end of my treatment it was an amazing experience. Having CRPS/RSD and having some horrible experiences with Dr’s, the staff at KWC was opposite, kind,compassionate, understanding and so much …

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Jenna K.

Thank you Ketamine wellness centers and Kevin specifically. I have zero neuropathic pain and I’ve been sure of that for a week now. I can clean my house, do exercise, after being told I would be bedridden. Thank you so much. Now out to teach the world the benefits of Ketamine and send people your …

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Kristine C.

Things have been going so well since being back home in Ohio. I have honestly never felt better, and it’s all thanks to Kevin and the wonderful staff. I felt so safe with all of you, I honestly cannot thank you all enough. I really feel free of something that has weighed me down for …

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Jesse M.

After more than a decade struggling with what would eventually be diagnosed as Bipolar II disorder, ketamine therapy has been the first thing to provide any sort of lasting and safe relief. Every medication and therapeutic modality under the sun was thrown at my problem, but nothing worked. Luckily, my mother heard a piece on …

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Erin V.

Intravenous ketamine therapy for my post-partum, treatment-resistant depression changed my life; I have not had to take any antidepressant medication since my last visit to Ketamine Wellness Center in 2015.

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