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“I was beginning to feel like there were no other options.”


I am an Army veteran and have struggled with PTSD, MDD, and CRPS for many years. Most of the antidepressants I have tried provided only minimal relief. The short-term memory loss I experienced with ECT was unbearable to me. Of the numerous SSRIs and SNRIs I had been prescribed over the years there was one SNRI that offered relief from depression and anxiety for several years. That is until after my 25-year old son died. Then my 32-year old daughter died less than two months later.

The addition of complicated grief was too much and I began to experience suicidal ideation almost daily. Having had attempts in the past I was beginning to feel like there were no other options. In a last effort to save my life I did some research on treatment-resistant depression and came across ketamine therapy. I consulted a few local clinics that indicated they administered ketamine therapy and found that Ketamine Wellness Centers was the only licensed clinic. The compassionate professionals at KWC and ketamine infusion therapy has given me a life. The VA was not covering this treatment at the time but KWC offered a Hero’s Discount which made it possible for me to pay for treatments.

The first thing I noticed after stabilizing was that I was completing small tasks, things that I had been neglecting. Now over a year later I have gotten my drivers license again after 20 years, joined a gym, and am studying for a BFA in digital photography. None of this would have been possible without KWC and ketamine therapy. I am getting prepared to start FTS, Facilitated Treatment Support, with a KWC counselor to enhance the effectiveness. Mindfulness and therapy are important pieces to overall mental health wellness.

ketamine for grief

“I was beginning to feel like there were no other options.”