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How to Help a Friend with Depression Seek Treatment for Ketamine Therapy

How to Help a Friend with Depression Seek Treatment for Ketamine Therapy

Here at Ketamine Wellness Centers we offer support and education in many ways. Our clinics, located nationwide, provide a healing and comfortable environment for patients as they embark on their road to wellness. 

If you have a friend who is suffering with depression, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, suicidal ideation, chronic or neuropathic pain, we are here to help. Here are a few quick ideas to consider when supporting a friend in seeking ketamine therapy treatment

1. Hold space for your friend:

  • Listen and sit with your friend in non-judgment
  • Resist the urge to fix your friend’s problems
  • Encourage your friend to feel all their emotions
  • Be empathetic without taking on the burden of their challenges

2. If you are a KWC patient: 

  • Connect your friend with your Patient Liaison. The Patient Liaison who assisted you in beginning your treatment journey with us will offer support and educate your friend about our services in the same gentle manner you experienced.
  • Allow your friend to accompany you in the treatment room next time you are scheduled.
  • Call your clinic’s Office Administrator and arrange a tour of the clinic, so your friend can experience the serene surroundings and get a feel for our process. 
  • Guide your friend to our website and patient intake forms, and assist them in completing them if they wish. 

3. If you are not a KWC patient:

  • You or your friend can call us at 855-538-9355 to speak with one of our expert Patient Liaisons. They will greet you warmly and offer as much time as you or your friend needs to ask questions and learn about our process, protocols and procedures. Our Patient Liaisons are caring and knowledgeable specialists who will assist your friend in becoming a patient with us. Our Patient Liaisons can also assist you in scheduling a tour at any of our clinics if you wish. 
  • You can guide your friend to our website so they can learn about us and read testimonials from our amazing patients. They also can access our patient intake forms to get the ball rolling. 

We are here for you, your friends and your family. For additional guidance and patient support, please contact us at or reach us directly 855-KET-WELL

Harmony Green is the Health and Wellness Coordinator for Ketamine Wellness Centers

How to Help a Friend with Depression Seek Treatment for Ketamine Therapy