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Living with OCD

There is a widespread misconception about what obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) actually is and what it’s like for people who really suffer from it. It’s common to see phrases like “You’re so OCD” and “I love a clean house! so OCD”. The truth is that obsessive-compulsive disorder isn’t just an eccentricity or habit. There is no cure, but the right treatment and therapy can help manage the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

4 Simple Ways to Help Manage OCD Symptoms

Mental wellness is vital to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It impacts our decision-making and how we cope with stress, our relationships, and our physical health. We’ve compiled a list of self-help tips to help manage OCD symptoms. 

1. Keep a Routine

To better manage the unexpected, do your best to keep a routine as much as possible.  Establishing a routine provides us with structure, reduces the need to plan our activities, thus, reduces the number of decisions we need to make each day. This may help reduce anxiety.  We become more efficient and can prioritize what’s important to us through routine. 

2. Vitamin D

Soak up some sunshine! Sunshine provides us with vitamin D which is crucial for overall health.  Get outside and move. Take a walk and notice the sights and sounds around you.  Remember, to look up at the sky as often as you can. When you gaze up into the atmosphere, our troubles start to look and feel a little smaller. 

3. Take Control

Because of the ambiguity of these times, it’s also important to take control of the things you can change and acknowledge what you cannot. Make a list of your worries. Decide what it is you can control and come up with a resolution or plan of action.  Crumple up the things you cannot control and throw them in the trash. If you are feeling overwhelmed, try some simple mindfulness exercises. It is a great habit to get into. Mindfulness helps us slow down, know ourselves better, and stress less. A simple exercise is to focus all your attention on your breathing and your body.  Breathe in and out slowly, bringing your attention back to your breath every time your mind wanders until you feel calmer. 

4. Unplug & Explore

This is also a great time to explore a new hobby or reconnect with old ones. Turn off the news and social media. Dive into a book. Try a recipe and cook something new. Get creative and make some art! Take time to see the beauty around you and what is truly important. 


Ketamine – Proven Effective in Combatting OCD

In contrast, multiple studies over the past ten years have shown ketamine as a highly effective treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder1. Ketamine infusions work almost immediately and with fewer side effects. These clinical studies conclusively demonstrated the anti-obsessional effects of ketamine infusion and showed relief from a single infusion typically lasting at least one week. This explains why patients receiving the Ketamine Wellness Centers’ maintenance program can finally experience sustained relief from being controlled by their OCD.

Living with OCD