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How I Found Relief with Ketamine Therapy

For most of my life, I suffered from treatment-resistant depression, panic disorders, and suicidality. I’ve been to numerous doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and have been hospitalized a few times for suicide ideations, including one very serious failed attempt. When my father passed away in 2018, I felt like a broken soul and I could not find my way out of the darkness. I grieved every day for nearly two years, until I found ketamine therapy.

I have a friend from another country where ketamine therapy is widely known and generally accepted. I’d never heard of it and was curious, so I started researching and found Ketamine Wellness Centers. KWC has a clinic in Hurst, TX, which is very close to where I live. My experience, starting with the intake coordinator all the way through my first treatment was nothing less than amazing! After the stabilization period, I knew I had finally found hope. I could finally see light entering my very darkened mind. The impact was immediate.

Ultimately, I added the Facilitated Treatment Program to my overall treatment plan. This opened the creative part of my mind where I could begin working out my thoughts and feelings, and my grief and confusion, in ways I had forgotten. I started writing again which has always been my passion. I started shedding the shell I built slowly to crack and fall away. With my doctor’s oversight, my antidepressants are now half of what they’ve been for years, and I can visualize a time where perhaps I can be free of much of the medication I’ve been on. I owe my gratitude to KWC, and it feels AMAZING to be excited again about the future. My sincerest thanks to the entire KWC team for being so knowledgeable, so caring….these are not just providers ─ they are family.

Ginger R., a patient at KWC Dallas – Fort Worth

How I Found Relief with Ketamine Therapy