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How Do Your Thoughts Affect You?

How Do Your Thoughts Affect You?

As conscious human beings, our brains are always working.  Even while we sleep, our brains review the day’s events and allow certain thoughts and ideas to creep forward.  We experience our nightly brain activity through dreams.  This is the time and place where some “underlying” or “subconscious” thoughts find expression.  During our conscious, waking hours, we are more aware of many of our thoughts and feelings.  When we are awake, those subconscious thoughts still exist. And, in fact, often influence the way we think and feel.

During our conscious, waking hours, our brain functions both within our awareness and out of our awareness.   The fact that we are unaware of some thoughts, however, does not mean these thoughts don’t influence us.  As a matter of fact, these “subconscious” thoughts may actually have a GREATER influence on how we feel and act.  Often these thoughts are negative, and serve little purpose or value in our lives other than to tear us down.  Examples of these are:

  • “I’m stupid”
  • “Everybody is staring at me”
  • “Everybody knows what a terrible person I am”
  • “I will never amount to anything”
  • “I am the unluckiest person in the world”

So what can you do to combat these internal negative influences?  Challenge them!  Ask yourself:

  • “Whose idea is this?”
  • “Have I heard this before?”
  • “Is this thought helping me?”
  • “Would I ever say that to a friend?
  • “Can I choose to think something different?”
  • “What would be a thought that serves me better?”

Simply put, negative thoughts lead to negative feelings and self-destructive behavior.  Ketamine infusion therapy opens the window into your subconscious thoughts.  With Ketamine you can learn what your brain is saying free of self-imposed barriers, and understand how those thoughts affect your feelings and actions.

The first step to making changes is awareness.  Ketamine offers that opportunity.

Call Ketamine Wellness Centers today, and learn more how Ketamine treatments can help you break the cycle of negative thinking, depression and failure.  Change your life today!  Call 855-KET-WELL.

Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers, Inc.

How Do Your Thoughts Affect You?

How Do Your Thoughts Affect You?