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Help! I’m Stuck!

Help! I’m Stuck!

Many people feel “stuck” in life. The daily grind can become both overwhelming and crippling. Many of us can relate to the feeling of being a hamster in a wheel, just running in circles or moving through mud but getting nowhere. Do any of these describe your feelings?

Sometimes you just can’t push faster in life. I have always believed that one of the keys to success is the ability to sit with a pile of s—t in your lap and tolerate it for as long as you need to. But that does not come easily or naturally to many of us. What are some of the strategies to help you get through difficult times?

  1. Focus on the things you can do.

Instead of a “to do” list in the AM that gets longer every day, make a list of the things you have done. Often people tend to discount things they have done, and only recognize the things they did not do.  I’m recommending you focus on your successes (what you did) instead of your failures (what you didn’t). At the end of the day, make a list of your accomplishments. Don’t forget the small stuff – they all add up. So, if you showered, brushed your teeth and got dressed, there’s three things right there! Give yourself the credit, not just the blame.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others.

We have a tendency to look at those who we perceive as doing better for comparison, but we forget that others may be doing worse. This is again focusing on your deficits, not your strengths. Remembering that while some people may seem to be doing better, others maybe doing worse helps you to feel less overwhelmed by the challenges you face. This helps keep your own problems in a better perspective and not feel overwhelmed by the burdens you carry. A better comparison is to yourself. Are you better than you were last week?  If this is a bad day, is it less bad than your last bad day? Will tomorrow be better?

  1. If you feel stuck in your head, move your body!

Take a walk. Dance around your house. Wave your arms and legs. Being physically immobile makes you feel mentally immobile, so do the opposite! More activity helps increase blood flow to your brain and other organs and help you feel less sluggish physically and mentally.

If you’re still feeling stuck, or struggling with chronic pain, depression or a number of overwhelming issues in your life, reach out for help. Call the team at Ketamine Wellness Centers. Our treatment program can help you get out of the “stuck” position and start to move forward in your life in as little as a week. Help yourself get back into life and call us today!

Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers.