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HELP! It’s Holiday Time and My Family Makes Me Crazy!

HELP! It’s Holiday Time and My Family Makes Me Crazy!

There can be many sources of stress around the holidays.  Decorating, baking, buying.  While all of these things can be enjoyable, often times they contribute to our already overbooked lives and create more stress.  But, for many people, the biggest source of stress is the family.  There can be obligatory dinners, traditions and stress from recreating dynamics that contributed to depression in the past.  For people who suffer from depression or anxiety, it is a minefield.

So how can you survive this season without setting yourself back?  Here are some strategies:

1) Do something different.  If you always go to religious services with your family (stressful) consider attending services with friends elsewhere.  If you do the same thing you do every year – expect the same results.

2) Don’t overdo it.  Schedule yourself, but don’t overschedule.  Practice saying “No”.  You can be polite and say “No thank you”, but don’t allow others to dictate or control your activities.  Make things you enjoy a priority.  Fit other things in accordingly.

3) Be forgiving.  Accept people for who they are.  You don’t have to like it, just accept that this is who they are.  The way people act towards you is on them. Not your problem to fix, but theirs.

4) Nobody changes overnight.  Back with your family, the stress may cause you to revert to old ways of thinking and feeling. That’s ok.  You can get back on your healthier track next week.

Remember, holiday stress is temporary.  It should be gone once January settles in.  If your depression and anxiety continue, maybe you are struggling with something other than holiday (situational) blues.  If so, call us at Ketamine Wellness Centers.  We can help you with your holiday and lingering issues.  Make ’17 a better year.  Which brings me to the last strategy:

5) Cultivate optimism!  Things can get better, and you can have a joyful holiday season.  Give yourself that gift for years to come.  Call us and learn how Ketamine infusion therapy and counseling can change your life!

Dr. Ellen Diamond is a Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers, Inc.

HELP! It’s Holiday Time and My Family Makes Me Crazy!

HELP! It’s Holiday Time and My Family Makes Me Crazy!