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Finding Peace in an Age of Dissent

If you read the headlines, or listen to the news, you might think we were at war.  Not with some foreign country or entity, but within our own borders.  We are portrayed as being deeply divided with name calling and offensive remarks from the top down. All around us there are “pulls” to take sides and “stand up”.  Resist!  Are you for or against?  Well, you lose just by playing.

All of this rallying and rabble-rousing is not good for anybody.  It is one thing to cheer for your team.  It is another thing altogether to hate and mock the opposing team.  What does it do when you engage in this behavior?Ketamine Wellness Centers Find Peace

One thing is clear.  Feeding your anger only fuels additional anger and agitation.  Walking around enraged is like racing your car engine in neutral.  You get nowhere other than worn out. So how do you find peace in this antagonistic environment?

You must seek it out.  Start with taking a few deep breaths.  Perhaps close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Exercises such as inhaling and exhaling while counting to 3 or 5 (slowly) can help you focus and quiet the noise and fight in your brain.

Seek peaceful surroundings.  Looking at nature can also be calming.  Whether you go outside and seek a beautiful, quiet place, or watch peaceful nature videos from the cool comfort of your couch, feeding your brain peaceful messages will help minimize the anxiety and agitation within.

Limit your exposure to negativity.  Are you a frequent consumer of news or social media?  Do you feel better afterwards or worse?  If you feel worse, limit the time you spend and make certain you are focusing on positive input.  Less political news and more stories about the good people and helpful stories.  Read about science, space travel, sports and arts first.  Feed yourself healthy brain food as opposed to angry, divisive opinions.

Renew your faith.  If you identify with a particular religion, consider going to your house of worship.  But don’t just attend.  Participate.  If you are not affiliated with any particular religion, find a place to volunteer.  You will surround yourself with people who are actually working and helping to make something better.  You will have a greater sense of purpose and be part of a positive movement.

Still struggling and feeling overwhelmed?  Call the professionals at Ketamine Wellness Centers.  We can help you.  Ketamine infusion treatments can “reset” your brain in a manner that jumpstart your changes in life, which will lead to more peaceful and fulfilling days.  Call us now, and start to find peace within.

Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers.

Finding Peace in an Age of Dissent