December CEO Update

December 2015 CEO Update

December 2015 CEO Update: As mentioned in my previous update Ketamine treatment for depression continues to get national attention. After the meeting in New Jersey a committee from the American Psychiatric Association was formed to review ketamine treatment therapy.

Our understanding is this committee did not contain any anesthesiologists or current treatment providers. Thus, as you would expect, it created a fire storm of conversation from all current treatment providers throughout the nation, banding together to ensure our years of experience, data and clinical outcomes would not be affected by 3rd party regulations from in-experienced clinicians.

I am pleased to say the committee’s role is not to dictate practice patterns but to continue to review data regarding patient stabilization. Ketamine Wellness Centers continues to work with other treatment providers throughout to the nation to educate the public regarding best practices, proper monitoring of patients during treatments, and data analysis.

This newsletter is the final update for 2015 and as we look back over the year, we had some tremendous challenges but we are very optimistic about our future. The planning for the year ahead will include expansion of the wellness program and services provided locally, as well as adding additional Ketamine Wellness Centers throughout the United States.
I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a very blessed New Years.

Kevin Nicholson, CEO
Ketamine Wellness Centers, Inc.