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CEO Update – September 2018

CEO Update – September 2018

As we enter the new season, many of our locations are seeing the beautiful transitions of fall colors and cooler temperatures which are especially welcome here in Arizona.  September also marks the official opening of our newest clinic in Burnsville, Minnesota.  We have completed the facility renovations and are busy training the new staff to maintain our gold standard of care for our new and returning patients.

September also hosts National Suicide prevention week September 9 – 15th and World Suicide Prevention day on September 10th.  Suicidal ideations and or attempts are not uncommon in the patients that we see at all our KWC facilities.  We have seen tremendous effects in helping reduce and even eliminate these symptoms for our patients.  That’s why it angers me greatly when small, poorly developed studies place fear into perspective patients’ minds.  It’s even more infuriating when they deploy misleading titles, “What if Ketamine works like an Opioid”?

The anti-ketamine community has no problem poking holes in the lack of data and research regarding ketamine in its current form, mainly because they are trying to replicate its efficacy into a new expensive alternative.  However, they will also release a research “study” with only 12 patients and which was discontinued early.  The authors tie the word “Opioid” to the title for what reason?  Fear-mongering?  Profit?  Sadly, more of these articles will be published and promoted via paid advertising as Ketamine Infusion Therapy continues to grow and prove itself as a safe and effective alternative.

We have safely and effectively administered over 12,000 infusions in our four clinics with no indication of addiction or serious side effects.  By tying Ketamine to the word “opioid”, it could make the difference between a cautious patient, family member or loved one making the most important decision of their life.  Please don’t just read the titles. Read the information, understand the context, and consider the source.

There is hope and there is help now.


Kevin Nicholson BSN, MBA
President / CEO of Ketamine Wellness Centers

CEO Update – September 2018