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CEO Update | September 2022

Message from the CEO

Another season is almost upon us – pumpkin spice everything! I know here in Arizona we are welcoming the cooler temperatures. But things are still heating up at KWC. 

With our core values in mind, we have begun the process of getting all our clinics Medicare certified so we can start treating patients utilizing their Medicare benefits. While initially this program will be limited in capacity to ensure compliance with all Medicare rules and regulations our hope is to complete our evaluation and be able to expand this program throughout our thirteen clinics by early 2023. Currently, we can accept Medicare in our Jacksonville, Florida, and Salt Lake City, Utah locations.  We have also completed the contracting and credentialing process with Triwest CCN network for ten of our thirteen clinics for the Spravato (Es-ketamine) treatment. Again, focusing on the brave men and women of our military and hoping to provide them relief at the lowest possible cost.

Innovation continues to be a passion of our team thus we are currently involved in a number of studies to evaluate ketamine’s effectiveness with our adolescent population and suicidality.  This is a retrospective study conducted by Dr. Mark Murphy and colleagues in the psychiatric community. We are also in talks with a large public organization that wishes to work with Ketamine Wellness Centers on a virtual mental health support app which would be an adjunctive therapy used by patients between their ketamine infusions. Ellen Diamond, Ph.D., and our clinical teams are evaluating the application and hope to start speaking with prospective patients who are interested in participating in the evaluation study before the end of the year.  If that was not enough KWC has partnered with NeuroDataNetwork to develop a cloud-based software that will allow patients access to their patient records to see trends in their therapeutic benefits of treatment, access their records, and request superbills for insurance reimbursement.  This technology will allow the clinical teams of Ketamine Wellness Centers and the patients to have better collaboration and communication about their plan of care. 

With all this being done and more, we at Delic/Ketamine Wellness Centers continue to seek more opportunities to bring this life-changing therapy to more communities at the lowest possible cost. Over the years I have spoken with a number of patients and families who have seen the changes ketamine therapy has given to them and would be asked, “how can I invest or become a part of this amazing program?” With our merger with Delic Corp we are now publicly traded (stock symbol DELCF). So if you are still interested in the evolution of KWC and the continued growth of novel compounds for mental health you have the option to invest.

In closing, we are moving into a very busy and sometimes difficult season for many of our patients. Please remember to take time to take care of yourself. If you know this time of year is hard on you or a loved one, make your appointments now to ensure you get the dates and times that best work for you (you can always cancel up to 24 hours before). Each individual clinic has its own direct line to reach the front office staff, feel free to request it from your office administrator at your preferred location.  

Thank you,

Kevin Nicholson BSN/MBA 

CEO – Delic Corp. / Ketamine Wellness Centers

CEO Update | September 2022