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CEO Update – September 2020

CEO Update – September 2020

In the words of NASA, “We are go for launch.” We have signed the lease for our eighth Ketamine Wellness Centers location. Our next location will be in Houston, Texas. Our goal is to have the space, staff and operations in place to start treating in mid-October 2020. We are excited to continue to bring this treatment to more communities. This year, more than most, one’s ability to obtain access to care in their local area is critical to their stabilization and ability to receive ongoing support. We will be working quickly to add any third-party payor contracts to our new location. We aren’t done yet and hope to still have some news about Jacksonville, Florida, and Las Vegas, Nevada, within the next few months.

We discussed our value of innovation last month and the new programs we are creating to support patients with their wellness journey. We have an amazingly talented staff working with Dr. Diamond on the programs and ensuring we continue our efforts in this area. Magda, our clinical administrator in Tucson, as well as Valerie, our clinical administrator in Washington, both have additional certifications in areas of mental health. They will continue to provide therapeutic support for those patients who choose to use that option. Our goal is to possibly get some of these wellness support options reimbursed by third-party payors, decreasing our patients’ out-of-pocket costs.

Please keep a lookout for our In-Network contracts listed on our website

Best to you all.

Kevin Nicholson BSN, MBA

CEO, Ketamine Wellness Centers

CEO Update – September 2020