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CEO Update – September 2017

Did you see the cover of Time Magazine in August? It was Ketamine Infusion therapy and its efficacy in treating depression. Six years ago, Ketamine Wellness Centers was one of a handful of clinics treating patients with low dose ketamine. Today I have seen as many as 60+ providers spread throughout the United States advertising ketamine treatments to patients. Although I am excited to see this treatment option being more available to patients, I am concerned about the quality and protocol of other clinics. We constantly receive calls from people price shopping our services with other clinics. Our prices are advertised on our web site for a reason, we believe the patient and/or loved one who is funding this treatment needs to know definitively what they are getting and for how much. I have heard of other clinics offering infusions for less than what KWC charges, or “specials” to get new patients in the door. We appreciate competition but it’s important to note that for ketamine to be administered safely and effectively we feel monitoring and manipulation of the treatment during the infusion is critical to its success.

Ketamine infusions have a “sweet spot” for every patient and that point is not static, it moves, so consistent awareness of trained providers can modify the treatment to the optimal response. Any medical provider can dose a patient with 0.5mg/kg, start the infusion and check on them occasionally. Ketamine is very safe; however, it can cause cardiac irregularities, elevated BP, nausea, and significant dissociation when not monitored. Extreme dissociation can be very scary and could cause a patient to discontinue treatment prematurely, even though the treatment may be the difference between living a life of depression or being symptom free. Isn’t it worth the additional dollars to know you have a trained medical provider at your side if any of those side effects occur and not down the hall or watching on a camera? Isn’t it worth those extra dollars to know your medical providers priority is ketamine therapy and not added to a pre-established program like a spa treatment? Isn’t it worth having a provider follow a proven protocol rather than one who tries to fit you into their schedule? Isn’t it worth having the best chance of successfully ridding yourself of depression, PTSD, OCD or pain? We think so. For more information on what to look for in a treatment center listen to our podcast here.

Kevin Nicholson BSN, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Ketamine Wellness Centers


CEO Update – September 2017