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CEO Update | November 2022

Once again the KWC offices will be bringing out their fall colors for November, specifically the color orange to signify the start of NERVEmber. Every year we recognize individuals who struggle with chronic nerve-related pain. Many of our patients share their frustrations over the lack of understanding in the medical community leading to delays in diagnosis thus treatment.   

Through organizations like International Pain Foundation, better medical and community awareness of these conditions now allow for earlier treatment. Ketamine Wellness Centers started treating chronic pain conditions in 2015, which has now grown to more than 30 percent of our patient volume.  

Each month I try to update patients and families on new insurance we have added to our network. Into the new year, our goal is to have updated lists on our website and also with our front office staff.  Did you know that many of our insurances will now cover or partially reimburse KWC for mental health treatments? This means if you are struggling with out-of-pocket costs, you may now be able to use your insurance to cover the treatment. Please contact your home clinic to see if your insurance is one of our many covered plans to possibly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.  

Over the years, Dr. Murphy has added supplemental infusions to many of our care plans for pain patients. This additional infusion has proven to help increase the patient’s response rates leading to better quality outcomes. Since this additional medication is traditionally administered during the recovery period of a patient’s infusion it has caused some of our infusions to run longer than our scheduled times.  

To mitigate any delays in patient treatment times we ask all patients to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. This extra time will allow for proper patient intake processing and allow the care team to start your infusions closer to the scheduled time as opposed to starting the paperwork process at the time for your infusion to start.  If you have any questions, please contact your local Office Administrator or Clinical Administrator.  

I want to wish everyone a healthy and happy Thanksgiving season.  

Kevin Nicholson BSN, MBA

Ketamine Wellness Centers – CEO

Delic Holdings – CEO

CEO Update | November 2022