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CEO Update – October 2018

October is recognized as “Mental Health Awareness Month”. Although many organizations try to bring awareness and additional support to those struggling, there can still be that stigma attached to a mental health diagnosis or title. Because of the increased public focus on mental health and the lack of progress with treatment, Ketamine providers are starting to pop up in most metropolitan areas all over the country.  

When we started treating about 8 years ago, there were less than five other providers in the continental United States.  That number has grown to well over 200, with new clinics announcing their arrival daily. The Psychiatric community has stated that the lack of controls in place to ensure safe effective treatment was one of their concerns recommending ketamine infusions.  

Increased access to this therapy is a good thing however there are a few pertinent issues worth considering when examining some of the new entrants into the emerging Ketamine industry:

Part-Time Clinics: Some clinics provide treatments on their time, not yours. This results in inconsistent and inconvenient hours of operation. More often than not, this is because an established pain clinic has began providing Ketamine infusions in a single room, as an addition to their existing practice.

Mechanism of Administration: How Ketamine is given can vary from intravenous (IV) to intramuscular (IM), intranasal and even inhalation.  

Privacy/1 on 1 Care: Some facilities perform the infusions in a group setting. Other clinics leave the patient unattended in a private room after administering the Ketamine, only to be checked on occasionally to monitor any side effects.

Our goal at Ketamine Wellness Centers is to provide an environment and staff that is understanding of your fear and frustration with the current system.  We want to set the standard and establish best practices among the industry, as a whole. We may be a little more expensive than other providers in your area however you can be assured that Ketamine Therapy is all we do, all day and everyday.  Optimizing our practice and researching Ketamine is 100% of our focus. This allows our clinical teams to use data and experience to tailor the treatment to the individual patient.

Every single treatment is monitored and supervised by trained medical staff while being supervised by our Clinical Administrators, and under the direction of our medical director, Dr. Mark Murphy, Board Certified Anesthesiologist.  

Please, if you are thinking about this treatment for you or a loved one, educate yourself about the differences in providers, and take more than cost into that consideration.  You may be throwing your money away and you deserve the best chance for success.

Kevin Nicholson is the President and CEO for Ketamine Wellness Centers

CEO Update – October 2018