NERVEmber newsletter

CEO Update | November 2021

Message from the CEO

Fall colors are in bloom and at KWC orange is our color of choice as we celebrate “NERVEmber.” This is nerve pain awareness month. Once again we are proud to work closely with Barby Ingle, Ken Taylor, and the International Pain Foundation as together we help those patients who struggle with neuropathic pain. The International Pain Foundation is dedicated to bringing education and treatment to those individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions. Throughout “NERVEmber” we will be sharing photos from each of our offices as they show their support and recognition of this important cause. More information can be found at

One of Ketamine Wellness Centers’ core values is innovation. Our mission has been to not only deliver great results as your ketamine provider but also assist in your complete wellness. We know that chronic mental health disease doesn’t only affect the patient but also affects friends and family members. Many times the first person our patient liaisons speak to is not the patient, it is a scared family member reaching out for help.  

Once a patient starts their treatment at KWC, we strive for open communication and excellent one-on-one care. However, there is not always a clear opportunity to talk with patients’ loved ones or caregivers while the patient goes through treatment. We recognize there should be ongoing communication to enhance the treatment outcomes and guide family members through the positive changes.

Starting in November, we will offer free education and support programs for the families of patients who are being treated for mental health conditions. A corresponding pain education program is slated for launch in January. Our goal is to ensure we provide meaningful education and support to loved ones of patients undergoing treatment. The programs help the patient’s “support team” make sure the patient is prepared properly for therapy, understand what a patient may experience during treatment and how to offer post-treatment support. We condense and share the valuable key information we have learned over the past nine years of providing this life-changing therapy to so many patients and families. Please click on the following link to find out more. Space is limited so please sign up soon.

I hope you all have a wonderful fall season and a happy Thanksgiving to all.