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CEO Update – March 2018

Addressing Shortages

It’s hard to imagine something as simple as sodium chloride (normal Saline), which essentially fills the ocean, is in short supply. Ambulance crews are being told to only hang fluids on patients who have critical needs and if they do, they need to take a replacement bag when they discharge that patient to the hospital.

Now we are being informed that Ketamine, too, has become very difficult to procure which is leaving some patients in various hospitals and clinics without treatment because of the lack of supply. We have heard from patients who say that their Ketamine infusion treatments have been cancelled or postponed for several months because of the shortages.

Fortunately for our clinics, we have multiple pharmacy contracts which has continued to allow us to procure our essential treatment medication to be able to treat new and existing customers. Until this shortage is resolved, we will be working with our distributors daily. If you hear of anyone who is unable to receive treatment from their current provider, please let them know that we would be willing to bridge their treatment until their provider is restocked.

Kevin Nicholson
CEO, Ketamine Wellness Centers

CEO Update – March 2018