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CEO Update- June 2021

Good News for Veterans

As we move into June, I hope you enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend and gave thanks to all those who served our country to give us the freedoms we all enjoy. Year-to-date 2021, we have administered over 414 Hero treatments. At this pace, we are on track to administer close to 1000 treatments to our military members and first-line responders this year. That is a 23 percent increase in volume with a very special category of patients that we are proud to serve. We continue to honor our mission to be one of the lowest cost providers for the members of our military and first responders coast-to-coast.   

Effective June 1st, our Naperville, Illinois clinic is now an in-network provider with Community Care Network. This Veterans Choice Program allows service members to seek treatment for mental health or pain conditions outside of the traditional veterans’ programs. With the proper referrals from VA providers, we will be able to treat these members of our armed services using their insurance benefits, thereby limiting their out-of-pocket costs. Our patient liaisons and business office can provide additional information if you or someone you know would like to learn more. We are actively pursuing this contract for each of our 10 clinics. Please watch our website for updates:  

We continue to explore and evaluate insurance coverage for mental health treatments in each of our markets. We have contracted with multiple insurance companies, but still, wait for many to make reliable decisions regarding accepting ketamine infusion therapy as a covered service. In addition to this uncertainty, we also experience excessive delays in their payment, which effectively limits the number of patients we can accept through insurance at any given time. We continue to work with these companies as we demonstrate the true clinical value and cost-effectiveness of ketamine therapy. As we make progress, we expect additional patient enrollment availability within the next 60 days. I will keep you updated on breakthroughs in my upcoming newsletters. 

Kevin Nicholson, BSN/MBA

CEO Update- June 2021