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KetamineWellnessCenters February CEO Update

CEO Update – February 2019

2019 is off to an exciting start! This month, our Colorado clinic will be participating in a research project in partnership with the two incredibly innovative companies, Invictus Project and CereScan. This research will provide brain imaging data to be collected and analyzed pre and post infusion among veterans suffering from PTSD and depression. This data would be instrumental in further evaluating and understanding true changes in a ketamine patient’s brain activity.

This may be the first quantitative study to corroborate a patient’s subjective benefit from this therapy. We are very honored to participate in this program and to help the great men and women of our military. We are also honored to report that in the last year, the volume of patients who qualify for our KWC Hero Program has doubled.

February is going to be a busy month for us! Look out for us at the following community events:

Feb. 8 – 10: Arizona Psychedelics Conference

Feb. 9-10: Minneapolis Healthy Life Expo

Feb. 15: Colorado ‘Elevate the Conversation’ Suicide Prevention Conference

Feb. 23: Arizona Hooked on Healing Veteran’s Ride

We have hit the ground running this year and continue to search for our ideal clinic locations in Texas, Utah, and Chicago. Stay tuned for more updates and check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for more local information.

Kevin Nicholson is the President and CEO of Ketamine Wellness Centers

KetamineWellnessCenters February CEO Update

CEO Update – February 2019