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CEO Update | December 2021

Message from the CEO

December always feels a little overwhelming with the holidays, year-end responsibilities, and family obligations. Personally, I try to find some time to quietly reflect on the year, not to focus on what didn’t happen but what accomplishments I was able to achieve, no matter how small or large. In 2021 all of our small and careful achievements at KWC resulted in a landmark year with over 900 people taking their first step on their wellness journey through ketamine infusion therapy. I applaud every person for taking that leap of faith and commitment to the wellbeing of their future selves.

Looking forward to 2022 is exciting. We are starting what will be a busy year with incredible momentum and also gratitude to our patients who have shown such enthusiasm for all our services. Our new relationship with Delic allows us to open at least two new locations in the first quarter of the year. Salt Lake City, Utah will open for treatments on January 10th, followed by our Reno, Nevada location scheduled to open in early February. But reaching new communities doesn’t stop there; San Antonio, Tampa Bay, and Fort Myers, are also in development and we hope to announce more openings in the first quarter. Our goal is to introduce an additional eight to ten offices in 2022.

While the additional offices are exciting, our goal is to continue to expand KWC programs offered at each location. Some of the additional programs under development for 2022 are:

  • Patient/Family education with a focus on pain management
  • Web-based patient and family support group meetings
  • Ketamine Assisted Guidance/Therapy
  • Esketamine/Spravato treatment therapy
  • Women’s Wellness Ketamine-assisted treatment in collaboration with gynecology specialists

The year ahead will bring further innovation and expansion for our team of clinicians, support staff, and patients. 2022 introduces a new era of services for KWC, and I look forward to delivering this unprecedented level of high-quality integrative programs to more patients and clinics coast to coast. 

Happy Holidays.

Kevin Nicholson, President and CEO
Ketamine Wellness Centers

CEO Update | December 2021