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CEO Update – December 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, many of us like to reflect back on the year. The mental health community cautions us when doing so because we can’t change the past and hindsight is a wonderful thing. We often think “I should’ve done that different”, “I really missed out on that opportunity” etc. And even though I am blessed to not struggle with depression, I too look back at 2017 at things I may have done differently. However, for personal and professional growth, the key is to learn from those mistakes and not dwell on regret.

In 2017, Ketamine Wellness Centers added over 400 infusions to our treatment volume from the prior year. We successfully added Tucson to our treatment community and have seen steady increases in patient volume from month to month. We have added a number of critical staff to our team to include Elise Ingram PA-C, Clinical Administrator in Tucson and Jamil Naser, Director of Marketing and lets not forget Turbo, everyone’s furry favorite. They have been a great addition to our team and along Jonathan, Barbara, Chera, and our amazing clinical staff, we are poised to rock it in 2018.

Yes, 2017 was a busy and exciting year however you haven’t seen anything yet. We have secured the capital needed to fund our expansion plans so we will be adding additional satellite offices in other states as soon as properties are identified, renovated, and the staff is trained properly. I know we will make mistakes again this coming year but look forward to all of us working through the issue, finding the solution, and maintaining great patient care.


From all of us at KWC, have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for your trust and confidence.

CEO Update – December 2017