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CEO Update – August 2020

CEO Update – August 2020

One of Ketamine Wellness Center’s core values is “innovation.” I have always wanted the wellness portion of our company’s programs to be more robust and inclusive. Through work with Dr. Ellen Diamond and Harmony, our Health and Wellness Coordinator, we have developed programs such as Facilitated Treatment Support, Power of the Pen, and soon to be released, Me and Meditation. The next steps will be to coordinate with like-minded professionals in all our markets to add additional services such as religious-based support, dietary support, exercise, and financial coaching support. Our goal as your provider is to provide you with mental and physical support options so you can work on your overall health improvement. Updates with new programs will be communicated soon.  

An update on insurance contracting, I have completed contract reviews and signatures for United Healthcare in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Washington and Illinois. Reviews and medical staff credentialing processes are ongoing and once completed, we will be able to treat as an in- network provider.  

Even though this year has thrown us a curveball, we are still focused on expansion. We have narrowed our options in Houston and hope to provide our new location in our next update. We have also started our initial review in Florida and hope to start that search soon.

Hope we all have a better second half of 2020.

Best to you all.

Kevin Nicholson BSN, MBA

CEO, Ketamine Wellness Centers

CEO Update – August 2020