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Ketamine Success & Insights

Prioritizing YOU

Many of the conditions we treat here at Ketamine Wellness Centers are what we call “hidden afflictions” because they can be disguised, to some extent, to the outside world.

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Could Ketamine Treatment Prevent Addiction Relapse?

When you are in pain, you seek relief. If relief is not coming, you seek to numb the pain by any means possible. Drugs and alcohol offer that numbing, but can come at a tremendous cost. Are you or a loved one stuck in the “use / get treatment / can’t stay sober / relapse” cycle? How can you be one of the few who get clean and stay clean?

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When Children and Teens Struggle with Depression

Growing up I was asked countless times “What’s wrong?” or “Why are you sad?”. How does a child or adolescent explain that nothing is wrong, but everything is wrong? How do they explain they don’t have an explanation for their sadness, they just know they don’t want to be here anymore? I knew I had all these great things in life to be happy for, but I still felt miserable inside.

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