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Achieving Your Goals in 2018

Achieving Your Goals in 2018

A new year brings time for a fresh start. It is a natural opportunity to ask yourself, “How do I want my life to be?  What do I want to change?  What do I want to accomplish?”. The answer may vary from person to person, but how to set and achieve goals has many similarities.

Start with realistic ideas and expectations. If you want to move forward in your job or career, think about the steps you need to take. If you are working in the mail room of a large organization, becoming CEO this year may not be realistic, but making significant movement up the ladder is. If you want to lose weight, shedding 100 pounds may not occur (despite television shows that promote that), but 50 each year for the next two years may be doable. If you want to feel less depressed or anxious, what is the pathway to achieving?

Experts agree on certain steps in creating plans to achieve goals.

  1. Goals should be specific and achievable.
  2. Be consistent. Whatever strategies you use to reduce or manage your symptoms, do them on a daily regular basis. Take medication as directed consistently. Eat properly daily. Exercise (even just a walk around the block) on a regular or daily basis. Utilize coping strategies everyday.
  3. Guarantee success. I often recommend setting the bar low. Think baby steps. Many small steps become one big leap, but you cannot achieve unless you succeed. This means you have to set each step on the pathway to your goal with a low enough bar so you can be successful. You can build on success. You can’t build on failure.
  4. Recognize that goals are helpful in giving us directions. They may not be an end unto themselves. Even if you do not achieve a goal, getting closer can lead to good results. Benefits are found by exercising, even if you never run a marathon!  Goals are helpful in setting us on the right path. That is success.

Are you struggling with setting or achieving goals in your life?  If depression, anxiety or pain is hindering you, consider calling the professionals at Ketamine Wellness Centers. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to treatment of depression, anxiety and chronic pain that has proven success. Make 2018 the year you make progress towards a happier and healthier life!  Call us today and get started!  The new year is just around the corner.


Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers.

Achieving Your Goals in 2018

Achieving Your Goals in 2018