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A Teacher’s Insight On Winding Down for the Summer

Guest blogger Behind the Smile, a mom, wife, and teacher discusses her take on the Summer as an educator. More than ever, teacher school days can be pretty tough to manage due to long hours and heavy workloads. Going through the day to day journey can be hard, however Behind the Smile offers some inspiration, as she’s dealt with mental health and personal traumas throughout her journey.

As a way to cope with her health, Behind the Smile writes as a form of therapy. Today, we are sharing Behind the Smile’s article, Teachers Winding Down For the Summer…Yeah Right, to let teachers and individuals know that they are not alone.

Read her article HERE and if you know someone who is struggling with an ongoing mental health or chronic pain condition, contact Ketamine Wellness Centers at  855-KET-WELL.

Blog Credit: Behind theSmile… My Mental Health Journey

A Teacher’s Insight On Winding Down for the Summer