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A Survey of the Thriving Ketamine Infusion Therapy Industry in Denver, Colorado

A Survey of the Thriving Ketamine Infusion Therapy Industry in Denver, Colorado

If you’ve been to Colorado lately, you may have noticed it’s been doing some growing. The population is booming and transplants from all over are picking up and moving to this thriving state. Businesses are finding Denver to be a great home for the entrepreneurial spirit with so many eager and qualified candidates to choose from (and the stunning mountain views don’t hurt either!). New buildings are popping up daily in the Mile High City to make more dwellings for the progressive, nature lovers moving here.

Since Denver is an open-minded city with growing inhabitants, it may not come as a surprise that it has also become a hub for alternative therapies. One such therapy, that has been getting some much due media attention, is Ketamine Infusion Therapy. With a high number of clinics in the Greater Denver area, it can be hard to tell which are here to truly support the well-being and success of their patients and which are there to get some quick bucks in this growing industry. Ketamine Wellness Centers is the former, with over 7 years of experience and success rates based on actual patient treatment results. We have many patients who have tried other clinics before switching over to Ketamine Wellness Centers, and they are all impressed by the quality of care we provide. Here are some of their favorite things that they think set us apart:

One on One Care:

Many patient tell us other clinics have left them alone for the entirety of treatment, or that there was only one person checking in periodically on multiple patients. At Ketamine Wellness Centers you have a Patient Care Provider by your side every second of the infusion. They are monitoring vitals and making sure you are comfortable throughout. If you feel any discomfort they can quickly cease it with IV medications. Some patients like to talk to them during the infusions while some like to close their eyes and relax, knowing medical staff is always next to them.

Passionate and Caring Staff:

We’ve had patients tell us they have had trouble getting someone on the phone from Ketamine centers. Others have told us when they did get a hold of someone, they were often met with lack of empathy and urgency. We know that people with “invisible illnesses” endure judgement on the daily, they don’t need it when they are at the end of their rope trying to seek help. At Ketamine Wellness Centers, each and every one of our staff members are understanding and knowledgeable. We know your time is valuable so we are very flexible with scheduling and making sure your appointment times align with your other commitments. We always go the extra step to help you on your way to wellness. Be it spending extra time on your treatment or getting your favorite music/imagery ready for you beforehand, our patients comfort and care are our main focus.

Precision of Care:

Many clinics also use subpar equipment. Instead of using precise infusion pumps, many use a plain drip IV. In addition, clinics new to the Ketamine world often use cookie cutter dosage for infusions. We had one patient who went to a clinic in Denver before we expanded here. She was told she could not be given the dosage and length of treatment she had with us in Arizona, even though her successful results with our tailored dosage and longer infusion spoke for themselves. We tailor dosage to each patient based on their medical and psychological history and our protocols which are derived from over 7 years of performing infusions. Every patient is different and this is imperative to take into account for dosing and therapeutic experience. This is a key part of why the national average for Ketamine’s success for mental health is 70 percent while ours is 80 percent.

The gold standard for Ketamine should be care that is patient oriented, compassionate, experienced and detail focused. That is exactly what you get at Ketamine Wellness Centers. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or neuropathic pain don’t hesitate to call KWC today.

Kayla is a Office Administrator at the Littleton-Denver, Colorado clinic of Ketamine Wellness Centers.

A Survey of the Thriving Ketamine Infusion Therapy Industry in Denver, Colorado