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My Intimate Journey with Ketamine Therapy

In his most recent blog, Matthew Hendricks, a 33-year-old technology enthusiast and patient at Ketamine Wellness Centers, shares his personal journey of treatment and results with Ketamine infusion therapy.

After years of focusing on others that deterred Matthew from focusing on his own needs, Matthew decided to re-shift his focus by writing down his own problems to inspire and help others in similar situations. According to Matthew, “After years of focusing on others, I decided to start writing down problems of my own. Then I had an experience that made me think about solving those problems — now I’m ready to share my thoughts to anyone looking for solutions.”

As you explore Matthew’s blog series, you’ll get an intimate journey of the treatment experience at Ketamine Wellness Centers and an inside look at his personal journey. With so many inspiring patients, Matthew is just one example of the type of patient we are honored to serve. At Ketamine Wellness Centers, we treat a number of professionals from all walks of life, as our clinical program is one of few, if not the only clinic, which combines the diagnostic tools of mental health professionals with the precision of the anesthesia community. The combination of those two professions allows us to evaluate patients and determine how effective Ketamine treatment may be for that person or loved one.

If you’re looking to find relief and want to know what the experience is like at Ketamine Wellness Centers, read Matthew’s story Ketamine Wellness Centers Story and if you know someone is struggling with an ongoing mental health, anxiety or a chronic pain condition, please give us a call 855-KET-WELL (855-538-9355).

Also, in case you’re a patient at Ketamine Wellness Centers and you’re looking for additional support, check out our KWC Patient Support Group on Facebook. This group will give you additional advice and support if you are considering Ketamine Therapy as a treatment option.

Matthew Hendricks is a 33-year-old technology enthusiast and patient at Ketamine Wellness Centers

My Intimate Journey with Ketamine Therapy