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6 Tips on How to Choose a Therapist

6 Tips on How to Choose a Therapist

As all the research shows, the best treatments for depression are those that include some forms of psychotherapy, counseling, and or medication. At Ketamine Wellness Centers we strongly believe in the power of the medications we use for treatment, but we also recognize the need for additional coaching or therapy.  

Whether you have had therapy in the past, many people find that after ketamine stabilization they are able to benefit from and use therapy skills in ways they couldn’t before.  So if you are seeking some therapy or coaching what should you look for? How do you choose the right therapist or coach for you?

First, look at the environment. Therapy offices should be in environments that are comfortable. That is a very subjective statement, but finding the right therapist or coach is a subjective activity! It is not a one size fits all.

  • Does the therapist or coach run on time?  Are you seen within 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment time? Do they ask questions and record (write down) your answers?  In the first few sessions, do they ask about other aspects or your life (such as your general health, eating and exercise habits, social and family life, work) and history?
  • Is there a comfortable balance between talking and listening? Does the therapist or coach offer feedback and responses but still allows you adequate time to speak what’s on your mind. Are you comfortable talking with this person?
  • Is the therapist or coach able to discuss his/her treatment plan with you? Can they explain and answer any questions about how they treat or practice.  Do they have an understanding or expertise of dealing with your particular issue or difficulties?
  • Do they understand and are they willing to “partner” with you for your benefit?  Are they familiar with or do they have an understanding of your experiences, including ketamine infusion treatments?

If you are struggling with finding a coach and or therapist, there are a number of resources you can try, as there are websites identifying mental health professionals sorted by zip code. Also, if you are a KWC patient, we can help you with our one on one coaching services and private patient support group on Facebook.

Dr. Ellen Diamond is the Clinical Psychologist for Ketamine Wellness Centers

6 Tips on How to Choose a Therapist